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The pharmacy division follows specifically the pharmacies and ortho-sanitary outlets in Italy.

The sales organisation in this division moves with authority both in the long channel (supplying the main wholesalers) and in the short channel (directly supplying over 3000 pharmacies and ortho-sanitary outlets), thanks to a capillary and punctual logistics organisation, that includes ten regional deposits dedicated to over 25 vendors across the country.

In this channel, S.I.L.C. mainly offers its own Soffisof line of products for incontinence and the Fissan Baby line of babies nappies, the only line sold exclusively to pharmacies and ortho-sanitary shops.

As for incontinence aids, Soffisof can boast a strong growth from 5.1% to 9.7% (December 2006 - volume data, ACNielsen). The product quality and rapid delivery, even of small quantities, have been constantly rewarded by growing results in commercial terms.

But for babies nappies, despite the strong presence of competitors such as Pampers and Huggies, Fissan Baby, thanks to the quality of the products and the exclusivity of the commercial proposal (it is the only nappy not distributed in the hyper and supermarkets but only in the specialised channel), with a market share of 3.6% (December 2006) and has cut out a small but significant space that puts it in 4th place absolute as most sold brand in Italy. Plus, the Fissan Baby proposal is periodically enriched with new communication instruments and promotional initiatives.