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The hospital division operates with the health agencies, the hospitals and rest homes, actively participating in all the public acquisition procedures.

Through a network of about 20 indirect vendors spread across the country S.I.L.C. concentrates mainly on its own Soffisof line of incontinence treatment aids.

A careful analysis of the Italian market, for over 90% linked to the various Regional sanitary systems and governed by M.D.332/99, has allowed S.I.L.C. to identify the correct compromise between the needs of the agencies and those of the end users, taking into consideration an extremely variegated reality both in terms of logistics and methodology of choice.

As these are medical devices, quality and service are even more important than usual; here, S.I.L.C. make an ongoing effort both in terms of product innovation and in terms of the packet of connected services, both pre-sales and after-sales.

To talk of personalised treatment for incontinence, as S.I.L.C. does, means being really capable of offering a range of aids that is complete enough to make the choice of the right aid for every type of incontinence absolutely automatic.

The attention towards its clients is not even overshadowed by the satisfaction of the needs of the end user relative to the product most suitable, but continues with a series of exclusive services and operative instruments; qualified medical and nursing assistance, a toll-free number for the end users to offer all types of information, periodical reporting for a constant monitoring of costs and consumption (incotrend), a dedicated website for the users (www.soffisof.it), and the possibility of dialoguing with clients via internet to create and update information, training and informative courses both internal and together with qualified third parties.

The results in commercial terms reward this company policy, and this is reflected in the resources the company continues to allocate to support its market share.

Tenders won - by value
24,6% 17,2% 12,7% 9,2% 10,8% 16,5% 8,9% 27,7%

On average, S.I.L.C. is successful in over 16% of the total value of tenders offered. In fact, after the aggressive entry into the market in 1999 and 2000 S.I.L.C. is now firmly established as one of the top five competitors in the domestic market.