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The trade division understands the advanced logics of the mass retail markets and follows it punctually thanks to a network of over 30 indirect vendors spread across the national territory.

In this channel S.I.L.C. proposes its product lines and offers itself as partner for designing lines and private labels.

In terms of industrial brands S.I.L.C. offers the following product lines:

Assorbello Nappies for babies
The market for babies nappies is the most difficult; on the one hand a depressed demographic trend and on the other the presence of really aggressive multinationals. Despite everything, Assorbello has managed to place itself as the fourth brand by volume in the modern trade (after Pampers, Huggies and Chicco) and as first brand in the lower price end of the market.

Laurella Hygienic sanitary towels and protective pads
The market of sanitary towels and protective pads is characterised by a strong brand loyalty Even in this case the Multinationals are present with a very high market share. However, S.I.L.C. can hold its own as it can count on the Laurella line that in terms of volume is the third brand by absolute volume for sanitary towels (after Lines and Libresse) and the fourth brand for sanitary pads (after Lines, Carefree e Libresse). Naturally, in the reference segment, that is the lower end prices, Laurella is absolute leader with a market share of 2.0% (data ACNielsen - AT January 2007).

BeautyCase hygienic articles for animals
The pet care market is an absolute novelty that S.I.L.C. has helped to create, being one of the first companies to propose the absorbent mats to the mass retail market. Still today, S.I.L.C. is investing considerable amounts in completing this range, which is rightly considered highly strategic, especially in terms of differentiation of the sales targets. The creation of the new BeautyCase line shows exactly the desire of the company to become a reliable partner for the hygiene of small pets.