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Soffisof Lady protection for Light incontinence
The market of protections for who has problems of small discharges or slight incontinence is a market that is growing rapidly thanks to the increased knowledge and maturity of the consumer. Even in this case we have the consolidated presence of a strong leader (Tena lady) and the recent entry of another big competitor (Lines Perla). However, S.I.L.C. is the third effective competitor with the Soffisof Lady brand and a qualified alternative to the market leader.

Soffisof and Novelty Incontinence aids
The market for incontinence aids in the hypermarkets represents less than 10% of the real need that comes from the health authorities and pharmacies. These aids are real and proper medical devices and as such carry the CE mark. S.I.L.C. offers in this sector a complete line of aids that arise from the thirty year productive experience together with the experience of the other commercial divisions. Soffisof and Novelty can in fact boast a market share of more than 11.5% (January 2007) and represent the real alternative to the leader Linidor.

Wet wipes
Wet wipes for babies (Assorbello), demake-up and intimate hygiene (Laurella), for adult hygiene (Soffisof), multiuse (Voilà e Lynphae), for animals (BeautyCase).
In the wet wipes market the most important segment is that of babies wipes. It is here that S.I.L.C. is obtaining its best results because in less than two years since starting the production and thanks in particular to the quality of the products manufactured in the specific modern factory, it has reached a market share of 2.5% (ACNielsen - December 2006) that places the Assorbello wipes in absolute sixth place (after Pampers, Fresh & Clean, Nivea, Huggies and Johnson) and clear number one in the lower price point market.

Regarding private label products Regarding private label products, S.I.L.C. has a dedicated technical commercial structure that allows an otherwise difficult flexibility, especially in the management of medium-small production batches. An internal office supports the graphic development of the packaging to combine the best aesthetic result with an optimisation of the size, especially with reference to the pallet rationality and various facings on the shelves.

To sum up, today S.I.L.C., with its own products or with private label is present in 30% of Italian hypermarkets, 39% of supermarkets and 48% of discount stores. A presence that puts it among the prime players for the buyers in the mass retail distribution in its category.