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Products for body cleansing: the big autumn novelties of SILC.

Silc prepares to launch onto the market new lines of liquid products for the hygiene and care of all the family.

Only three years after the triumphant entry into the wet wipes market (July 2003), SILC is ready for a new addition to the range of products. It is a new line of liquid products for personal hygiene, designed and thought out with special attention for every member of the family.

In fact, concerning family care, SILC proposes eight new products with an original outside composition; the LYNPHAE line, with extracts of chlorophyll to exploit all the beneficial cleaning and refreshing effects of chlorophyll extracted from the leaves and the green parts of the plant.

As for baby care, SILC proposes the traditional ASSORBELLO, brand already present in the historical sectors of baby nappies and wet wipes, with four new basic products (foam bath, shampoo, nutrient oil and delicate detergent).

And finally concerning pet care, the BeautyCase, line to add to the traditional hygiene products (absorbent mats and wet wipes) four products (shampoos for short hair, for long hair, for puppies and anti-parasite).

With this last effort, SILC confirms once again its dynamicity and attention to the requests of the market, proposing solutions of quality and offering itself as a global partner in the reference category with brands that are distinctive and winning.