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Foam bath

Particularly advisable for bathing babies. Its formula, rich in hydrating ingredients and lacking in aggressive soaps (sles), leaves the skin naturally soft and elastic. It is particularly recommended for very sensitive skin.
Neutral shampoo

Formulated to take care of the thin and fragile hair of babies. Its innovative formula, which does not contain aggressive soaps (sles), helps to prevent irritation of the scalp and minimises the risk of tears.
Delicate detergent

Formulated for daily hygiene of the sensitive skin of babies. Its formula, which is rich in hydrating ingredients, does not contain aggressive soaps (sles), leaving the skin naturally soft and elastic.
Nutrient oil

Recommended for the cleaning and hydration of the delicate skin of babies from the day they are born. Its formula is quickly absorbed, keeping the skin soft and elastic. Using an absorbent cotton wall ball, it helps to soften and to remove the milk crust.

Assorbello Liquid products Bottle Box
bath foam 500 ml 6 bottles
neutral shampoo 250 ml 6 bottles
delicate detergent 250 ml 6 bottles
nutrient oil 250 ml 6 bottles