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The practical and versatile ASSORBELLO UP MULTIPURPOSE MAT is a disposable protection mat which can be used not only when changing your baby's nappy (on the changing table at home or out and about), but also to protect delicate surfaces such of furniture, car seats etc., as a mattress protector or during potty training and at playtime.
By using ASSORBELLO UP, the risk of contact with dirty, germ ridden surfaces is banned.
ASSORBELLO UP is a three layer product: a non-toxic material is in contact with baby's skin, a highly absorbent Cellulose core traps liquid preventing Baby's skin becoming wet, and an external Polyethylene outer material against leakage.

Assorbello Up Baby Care Mats Characteristics Package Box
Assorbello Up Baby Care Mats cm. 60x60 10 pieces 10 packages