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Shampoo for puppies
Ultra-delicate with honey proteins
The BeautyCase shampoo for puppies, enriched with honey proteins, is ideal to clean and feed the coast and the sensitive skin of puppies. Its ultra delicate formula has been suitably researched to minimise the risk irritation to eyes.
Shampoo for short-haired dogs
Protects skin with Panthenol
BeautyCase shampoo for short-haired dogs, enriched with Panthenol and nutrient agents, ensures a specific detergent treatment with a purifying and decongestive action for a dog´s hair.
Shampoo for long-haired dogs
Untangling and shining effect.
BeautyCase shampoo for long-haired dogs ensures a special 2-in-1 effect of shampoo and conditioner together for a dog´s hair. Its formula involves in-depth cleaning, making brushing easier and emphasising the hair´s natural colour.

Beauty Case Liquid products Bottle Box
Shampoo for puppies 250 ml 6 bottles
Shampoo for short-haired dogs 250 ml 6 bottles
Shampoo for long-haired dogs 250 ml 6 bottles