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Internal sanitary towels are the latest novelty in the LAURELLA line dedicated for the ladies. Studied for the modern consumer, sporting or very active who wants to feel protected without giving up her sense of freedom, not even for those few days of the month. Thanks to the special composition of cotton and fibre, the LAURELLA internal sanitary towels guarantee a safe and practical protection for all types of menstrual flow. Available in two sizes: Normal for a medium-light discharge and Super for medium-heavy discharge. All LAURELLA sanitary towels are sterilised and individually packaged, practical to open thanks to the highlighted opening system and fitted with a cord for extraction and an illustrative sheet for full consumer information.

Laurella Internal san.towels Characteristics Package Box
normal 9-12 g 16 pieces 42 pack.
super 12-15 g 16 pieces 42 pack.