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The Soffisof line of diapers, with 6 different models, is the most advanced solution in terms of personalisation of the aid.

Indicated for:

The person´s ability to walk normally is one of the fundamental parameters with which to identify the correct aid.

Vertical Incontinence
Those who can move autonomously need an aid that guarantees dressability and comfort and that does not hinder their movements

Horizontal Incontinence
Those who are bedridden need an aid that has a major containment capacity and that facilitates the changing operations and that can perform its function right through the night.

Shape of the absorbent pad:

OEach protective pant appears different in structure because of the form of the pad. The absorbent core is studied so that it adapts anatomically to the human body and to the type of incontinence.

Pad A
The traditional hour-glass shape that easily adapts to many different situations.
Pad B
The narrow shape is more suited to those who can walk (vertical incontinence).
Pad C
Wider at the back it is ideal for the bedridden (horizontal incontinence).
Comparing the pads

Watch the film to compare the different shapes of the three pads...

Colour and size:

There are several different sizes for each model.
Each size is identifiable by a different colour to make them easier to recognise, especially for those who must find the right size quickly among a full range of products.