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Company Soffisof Slip with waist belt

The belted absorbent pads guarantee maximum comfort and protection. The innovative "belt system" of fitting makes the positioning and changing of the pads much easier, both for mobile patients and bed-ridden patients. It stands out for being skin-friendly thanks to its subtle design, more comfortable and more discreet, but most of all thanks to it breathing properties which considerably reduce the risk of skin lesions or reddening. And none of this affects the capacity for blocking liquids inside. Ideal for patients with sensitive skin, reddening, macerations, decubitis and more generally for preventing these alterations. Ideal for patients with limited assistance who need a product that is easier to put on than traditional absorbent pads.

Soffisof Slip with waist belt Waist diam Package Box
medium cm. 70-105 15 pieces 4 packages
large cm. 85-125 15 pieces 4 packages