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The completely renewed Soffisof Lady line is the ideal solution for treating light or slight incontinence. The Soffisof Lady protections are discreet,soft and anatomic to adapt perfectly to the female body shape. The super-absorbent core and the ODOUR DEFENCE system of the Soffisof Lady protections guarantee maximum security against leakages and unpleasant smells, leaving a long-lasting sensation of freshness and dry. Thanks to the special outer adhesive, the Soffisof Lady protections can easily be applied to normal panties (like a normal female pad), and they stick in such a way that they are invisible under clothing, thus discreet. The special breathable outer filter offers maximum skin wellbeing, allowing the wearer to conduct a normal, active and dynamic lifestyle, practise sport, travel and work in total security, completely worry-free. The availability of five different protections, for every type of leakage, from slight to light allows the wearer to choose the most suitable version for her needs, facilitated in the choice by the practical drop system on every package.

Soffisof lady Characteristics Package Box
ultra mini 28 pieces 18 packages
mini 20 pieces 18 packages
normal 12 pieces 20 packages
extra 10 pieces 18 packages
super 15 pieces 10 packages