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Company Soffisof Elasticized panties

The Soffisof line of elasticised panties is indicated together with the shaped absorbent pad and the rectangular absorbent pad. They ensure maximum practicality, versatility and comfort to move in complete security. The absorbent pad stick to them perfectly without restrictions and guaranteeing the maximum ventilation for the skin. They are available in two sizes and two models: le classic net-type e le new fabric type, comfortable as tights, without stitching on the edges.

Soffisof Fabric Net Package Box
extra-small cm. 30-160 3 pieces 50 pack.
small cm. 50-90 3 pieces 50 pack.
medium cm. 60-100 cm. 80-120 3 pieces 50 pack.
large cm. 80-120 cm. 100-140 3 pieces 50 pack.
extra-large cm.100-160 cm. 120-160 3 pieces 50 pack.
xx-large cm.140-180 cm. 140-180 3 pieces 50 pack.