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The gentle touch of The Bees’ Knees range of baby care products

The exclusive range of care products that treats babies’ skin with a gentle touch. Precious, delicate, and with a great deal of nourishment and protein, the raw materials given to us by the bee hive such as honey, pollen, nectar, wax and propolis are the authentic natural distillates that have provided inspiration for the products in the new Trudi Baby Care line. On the basis of its properties, every single “gift from the bee hive” has been studied in order to create a product that makes the most of its natural features. Thanks to the delicate and gentle raw materials used, these products are particularly suitable for the daily washing and care requirements of the tiniest babies, from special bath times, to the more repetitive task of nappy changing. These unique products with the hallmarks of the Trudi trademark can make looking after baby a real moment of fun to share for mummy and daddy.

Bath Milk with orange flower honey

Particularly suited to babies’ sensitive skin, the Trudi Baby Care bath milk only contains delicate cleansing agents derived from the coconut palm. The strictly neutral composition has been designed to keep the risk of irritation to a minimum. The gentle and softening orange flower honey helps baby relax during its night-time bath before going to bed.
Shampoo Milk with flower pollen

The Trudi Baby Care shampoo milk only contains delicate cleansing agents derived from the coconut palm. It is a very gentle shampoo that does not irritate baby’s eyes and respects its delicate hair. Its composition based on flower pollen makes young children’s messy, rebellious hair tangle-free and easy to comb.
Delicate Liquid Soap Milk with millefiori honey

Practical every time you need to wash baby’s hands and other body parts, the Trudi Baby Care soap milk only contains delicate cleansing agents derived from the coconut palm. Its composition based on gentle and softening millefiori honey is particularly suitable for everyday use.
Nourishing Oil with royal jelly

In the first months of a baby’s life, Trudi Baby Care nourishing oil is indispensable for cleaning baby’s head, especially if it has cradle cap. By rubbing cotton wool dipped in the oil onto the affected area, it helps to heal the cradle cap thanks to the presence of the royal jelly and its well-known nourishing properties. The oils used in the formula all come from a vegetable origin.
Soothing Moisturising Cream with propolis

The Trudi Baby Care soothing moisturising cream is indispensable when out and about and external agents such as wind, sun and cold air risk causing redness on the baby’s face and hands. This very dense cream contains a wealth of soothing substances. The presence of propolis among its ingredients, with its skin purification and soothing properties, makes it perfect every time the child’s skin is red or rough.
Protective Ointment with zinc oxide and beeswax

Particularly recommended during nappy changing, Trudi Baby Care protective ointment is ideal for preventing chapping, irritation and redness in baby’s groin area which is inevitably subject not only to contact with aggressive liquids, but also continual rubbing from the nappy. Its formula contains 10% of zinc oxide, which creates an effective protective barrier when the normal hydrolipid barrier is not enough, and beeswax to protect reddened skin and soothe itches and burning. Lastly, since the ointment is not very greasy, it allows the skin to breathe easily.
Baby Wipes with flower nectar

A constant must near the changing station and in the travel bag, thanks to their particular micro-cellular fabric, Trudi baby care wipes softly caress baby’s bottom with every nappy change. After every use, they leave a light layer of liquid emulsion based on flower nectar, which is renowned for its nourishing properties.
Trudi Baby Care Package Box
BATH MILK 250 ml 6 pieces
SHAMPOO MILK 250 ml 6 pieces
NOURISHING OIL 150 ml 6 pieces
PROTECTIVE OINTMENT 100 ml 12 pieces
BABY WIPES 72 pieces 12 pieces