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A young dynamic spirit...

Many people contribute every day, each in their own role, with competence and proficiency in the construction of the S.I.L.C. products and services. More than three hundred employees, direct and indirect, that from the laboratories to the warehouses, from the production line to sales, contribute to the S.I.L.C. offer with those little things that make it more competitive.

S.I.L.C. staff from 1994 to today

Each individual product is constructed under the watchful eye of the Research Centre that, with a continual research for new materials and solutions on the one hand and a constant eye on the competition on the other tries to give concrete answers and efficient solutions to the real needs of a market that is increasingly alert and mature.

Four divisions... one reality

The Mass retail distribution, the network of the ortho-sanitary and pharmacy sales points, the Health and Hospital authorities and the rest homes and more generally the export markets: different realities ruled by their own logic that S.I.L.C. knows only too well and takes on every day.

For this reason, the commercial organisation is cut to fit the needs of the various clients to which S.I.L.C. offers the quality of ad hoc products and the convenience of exclusive services.