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Company History

Silc is an Italian reality that operates on the market with success for more than thirty years, as producer of disposable sanitary towel aids.

S.I.L.C. was born in 1972 as a producer of disposable sanitary towel aids.

Until the early the 1990´s the company acted mainly as a manufacturer/supplier for some of the most important Companies, both Italian and European. This experience has allowed S.I.L.C. to grow and accumulate a wide experience, especially technical (especially in design, development and manufacture of the products).

In the mid-1990´s, the company decided to enter the market , autonomously from a commercial point of view. Alongside the export division, the Trade and Institutional divisions were created.

In 2000, the current Hospital and Pharmacy divisions were created from the Institutional division. In 2001, the Pharmacy division stipulated a licensing agreement with Sara Lee Household and Bodycare Italia S.p.A. for the exploitation of the Fissan Baby brand, for the production and commercialisation of baby nappies in the pharmacy and hospital channels.

The experience with Fissan Baby terminated in 2008 after seven years of beneficial collaboration and exceptional commercial results. Since 2009, the Pharmacy division has entered the babycare sector with new licensing agreements stipulated with Sodalco (Fresh & Clean bimbi) and Trudi.

In July 2003 the production of wet wipes was started as a compliment to the traditional S.I.L.C. product range. The wipes department was set up in the new premises that S.I.L.C. acquired and restructured according to the strictest safety and product quality regulations.

These ultra-modern premises allowed S.I.L.C. to widen its range of products still further in 2006 with the addition of liquid products for family hygiene.