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Even at an institutional level, S.I.L.C. has gradually become an active part of the more important associations of the category.

logo AssobiomedicaAssobiomedica - National association for diagnostic and biomedical technologies - that, within the Federchimica (Chemical Federation) and the Confindustria (Industrial Confederation) promotes the understanding of the products and the image of the associated companies, participates in the definition of the regulations, trying to develop, together with the institutions involved, innovative solutions to the problems of the sanitary sector, organises research, studies, debates, conventions on relating subjects through the punctual analysis of the general economic picture and the particular aspects connected to the distribution and the quality of the sanitary services.

There is an incontinence group that operates inside the Assobiomedica in which 90% of the Italian market is present through representatives of the various companies.

Hapco Italia - Hygiene Absorbent Products Manufacturers Commitee - is the national sub-group in the Edana (European Disposables and Nonwovens Association) and unites the producers of absorbent aids and basically has the task of protecting and improving the quality and safety standards of the absorbent products.