6 divisions, one single focus: the client

Each client has their own special characteristics, and it does not matter if they are large or small, public or private:  to be best served they need specific interlocutors, who are aware of their needs and able to predict their requests.
For these reasons 6 divisions have come into being, each one putting attentive professionals to work, each one with its broad range of experience and specific skills for their work sector.

  • Hospital
  • Pharmacy
  • Nursing
  • Trade
  • Export
  • E-commerce

The Hospital Division works to support local health service agencies. Through careful analysis of the Italian market, which is for more than 90% tied to the various regional health service systems and under the Ministerial Decree 332/99, we have identified the best compromise between the needs of the institutions and those of the end users.

Dealing with medical devices, quality and safety are of fundamental importance. For this reason we make continuous efforts, both in terms of product innovation and related pre- and post-sales services, for the creation of such a complete range of aids (Soffisof) that choosing the best option for each type of incontinence is consistently more easy and satisfying.

Medical facilities are supported from all possible angles, from the sales proposal to gathering feedback on product use and the quality of the experience with it, as well as continuous training for medical and nursing personnel.

It avails itself of one sole organisation made up of 1 area manager and 5 agents, who are able to serve more than 180 facilities, including public and private ones, and to assist more than 50,000 end users with direct home delivery.

The virtue of this choice, which also represents a company attitude, is proven not only by high satisfaction of both the interlocutors and the end users, but also by having obtained a growing market share which in 2016 was around 4%.

Choosing our products means being looked after with care and precision through deliberate diversification both in the hospital and in the senior home areas, or for homecare services.

The Pharmacy Division specifically takes care of the pharmacy network and health-and-orthopaedic supply stores in Italy.

A dedicated team, made up of 2 area managers and 35 agents engaged in various combinations across the short and long channels, provide support to the whole supply chain, taking care of areas from product development to sales support. In this way we have succeeded at developing, over the years, a series of products and brands which have become market leaders because they are known to be synonymous with quality, reliability and effectiveness in the care of personal hygiene, from Soffisof single-use medical devices for incontinence to the diaper line and Trudi dermocosmetic products.

Consolidated manufacturing capacity positions us among the most prestigious companies in the dermocosmetic sector for production volumes.

The Soffisof brand, dedicated to assistance for adult incontinence, light and heavy, strengthens itself with market shares on volume and value, with forecasts for more notable growth. The brand growth comes thanks to redesigning of the entire line, and its recent market launch, all in ever-more specific response to users’ requests for absorbency and comfort. As far as the bed pad segment is concerned, we are the leader through our proprietary brand and through private labels.

Looking at the Trudi line of products, we have achieved truly extraordinary milestones thanks to its line of children’s diapers and the line of cosmetics. In particular, we have become the market leader in the baby wipes segment for channel sales, continually increasing market share by value and by volume. Stronger positions for this line are seen also in the eau di Cologne and liquid soap for children lines, thanks to continuous research for materials and composites which guarantee excellent quality in the products. Subsequently, following these milestones, we decided to amplify the assortment by introducing an organic line with the brand name Trudi Baby Nature, which — as predicted — is enjoying the same high level of satisfaction among mothers.

Our products can be found in more than 3,500 pharmacies and orthopaedic-and-health supply stores in Italy.

The Nursing Division works in the sector of “residential structures providing healthcare assistance intended primarily for seniors who are not self-sufficient or are partially self-sufficient”.

The topics of incontinence and personal hygiene for seniors and for people with poor mobility require some specific answers, for both the patient and the care-giver, in order to accompany them as they handle daily problems. For this reason, we provide a specialised team which is made up of sales account executives, product specialists, customer service staff and agents who are present in all the regional areas, with a total of 11 agents and 3 product specialists. There is also constant monitoring of costs and consumption (Incotrend).

These professionals’ daily efforts are focused on supporting the healthcare personnel, who receive specialised training in the area of senior hygiene. Meanwhile, development of concrete product innovations aims to make the use of absorbent and cleansing aids even simpler and more effective. From this experience we have seen the Soffisof line emerge, with its aids for incontinence, as well as Soffisof Solution, products for personal hygiene care.

This is a winning mix of products and services for our company, which shows growth in its market share around 8%, with even sharper, double-digit increments in terms of volume.

Customer Service is available through a freephone number on a daily basis for any need or information, be it commercial, technical-scientific or logistic. What’s more, the exclusive tool, “Incotrend” makes it possible for facilities to have constant monitoring of costs and consumption.

The Trade Division is the area in the company which is created specifically to follow the logic of advanced mass retailing through the collaboration of more than 18 of its own agents, with direct account management, working nationally in the hyper- super- and discount-market channels.

As S.I.L.C. we are able to propose product lines with our own brand and also offer to work as partners for the design of product lines with a private brand.

For this particular area, we supply a designated technical-sales structure which allows us to offer partner companies with primary solutions, even when managing middle- to small-sized production lots.

A technical office dedicated to graphic design for bags and packaging is completely available to our partner clients with the aim being to bring together the best styling with optimised use of space, both in terms of making the best use of pallets and in terms of shelf facing.

Thanks to this special type of company structure, today we are present on the market with proprietary brands (for light and heavy incontinence, feminine needs and pet care) or with private brand products in more than 50% of the large-scale distribution sector, with absolute leadership positions in discount channels.

Within the market for incontinence products, both light and heavy, sales of the Soffisof brand registered significant growth in 2017, both in value and in volume. This allowed for market consolidation and confirmation of the characteristics which were designed specifically for these products; this led to the opening of private label lines upon request.

Thanks to the Soffisof brand, we are the leader in the bed pad segment for the trade market, with greater increments than the sector average.

The efficacy of our products places our first-line products close up on the market leaders with growth year after year in the double digits over the last 5 years — a confirmation of the product strategy aimed entirely at the user.

The Export Division takes care of non-domestic markets in which S.I.L.C. aims to increase its presence steadily, to the point where it will reach a significant percentage with respect to the overall sales volume.

Beyond its traditional presence in EU markets, like France, Germany, England, Spain and Greece, more recent collaborations have made it possible for S.I.L.C. to enter into many different emerging markets, from those in Eastern Europe (Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Russia) to those in Northern Africa and the Middle East (Libya, Saudi Arabia, the Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Iran and Pakistan).

The company’s calling to accelerate its own internationalisation is one of the fundamental “challenges” for putting the S.I.L.C. model to the test in markets where the needs are extremely varied. To approach these contexts, we put in place the launching of work agreements with local distributors who can “talk the talk” of the market in question, so as to get to know its specific needs and characteristics, and to know how best to respond to those needs.

Constant commitment to innovation characterises our company’s work, and it has pushed us to seek tirelessly for the best solutions to people’s problems, especially those which — in the various stages of life — find themselves needing incontinence aids.

With this assumption, to the five “historic” divisions of our company, we have added a sixth one, leveraging the know-how developed over the years by S.I.L.C.: the E-Commerce Division.

The E-Commerce Division coordinates activities in support of the new and innovative channel offered to people who want to purchase products from the S.I.L.C. offerings, with the convenience of an on-line store open 24/7 and accessible from anywhere, to offer more convenient and attentive services from the usage point of view. This goal is brought to life with the creation of the portal www.incontinenzaonline.com

At the base of this innovation lie 4 cornerstones which we want to confirm:

  • Practicality and convenience of access: the site and all of its functions are easy to consult, even from smartphones, because it is responsive;
  • Safety: the site uses cutting-edge encryption systems to protect privacy and the safety of the navigation and payment experiences (handled in collaboration with one of the most important banks of our country);
  • Optimised logistics allow us to handle orders within a few hours of their being confirmed;
  • Savings: through purchase formulas which ensure advantages which do not only offer savings in money but in time too.

Thanks to the experience of the dedicated personnel, the E-Commerce Division can offer timely, precise and complete support to the user, keeping wait times for delivery to a minimum.