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A new website for Trudi Baby Care!

  • 02 February 2018
  • News

The wellbeing and good health of the smallest among us are of primary importance, and at S.I.L.C. we have always worked so that all children and their families can count on quality products for absorbency, personal hygiene and general wellbeing.

Our intention takes shape in products belonging to various brands, which reflect the various needs of each person. Among these is Trudi Baby Care with a rich product line which goes from diapers to wipes, from cleansers to oils and creams for good skin health.

For all of these products, in these days we have built a new “house”, at the dedicated site online:

This web presence is keeping up with the times, being accessible from computers as well as from smartphones and tablets with equal ease. On the site you can find Trudi Baby Care products divided according to each one’s area of use: from changing baby to baby’s bath, with wipes and all the products which promote baby’s wellbeing in between. There is everything which can be thought of as synonymous with hygiene for the littlest ones.

For each product there is a detailed information sheet which lays out all its characteristics and the various available formats, to supply the reader with all the information they might need.

The site also hosts an invitation to collaborate with the causes we support, with the Trudi Baby Nature brand as well as others, standing side by side with important non-profit organisations like the Fondazione Francesca Rava and the Fondazione ABIO, to offer help and hope to children who are truly in need.

To get a close-up look at Trudi Baby Nature’s new home, at this point, all you have to do is visit the new website at the address shown!