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Exposanità and Cosmofarma: two appointments for S.I.L.C. in April 2018

Caring for personal hygiene, and in particular for that which can be guaranteed in situations of incomplete independence which have to do above all with early infancy and old age, is the subject of continuous research and of constant adaptation of both the healthcare assistance network and the range of products and solutions which aim to improve people’s lives.

Opportunities to exchange ideas and experiences with all the other organizations which work in this sector under various auspices, from the doctor to the manufacturer with the distributors, pharmacies and managers of various kinds in the national health system in between, are key. They are opportunities of primary importance for us, with an eye toward the growth and development of our offerings which aim to monitor each individual’s real needs, in their specific situation.

In the month of April 2018 there are two appointments of primary importance in this area: Exposanità and Cosmofarma, two trade shows in the medical and healthcare sector which we have chosen to participate in so as to contribute to the discussion on topics which are particularly dear to us.

The first commitment on the calendar is Exposanità, an event of international importance which is held in the expo halls of Bologna Fiere from 18 to 20 April, with a special edition on Saturday 21 reserved for first aid, medical innovation & technology, and products and services for disabilities, orthopaedics and rehabilitation (Horus).

We will be there with a stand (A33, pavilion 19) where we will present Soffisof products, the product line designed for people who find themselves having to live with episodes of incontinence, but our commitment will not stop there.

In fact, during the morning of Friday, April 20, our specialist Elena Bordogna will coordinate a workshop entitled “That finger out of the wound: a real and ever-current problem?” It will be a time for discussion and sharing on the topic of decubitus lesions in which she will address the question of prevention and treatment, trying to define the various connected costs, so as to bring the topic to the attention of regional and national legislatures.

Friday, April 20, Exposanità will pass the baton of an imaginary relay race to Cosmofarma Exhibition, once again at the Bologna Trade Show facility.

The theme of the 2018 edition of this important appointment, which last year welcomed more than 30 thousand visitors from all over Europe, is “Crucial – how to do self-innovation”.

For this event, directed at the world of Health Care, Beauty Care and all the services tied to the world of pharmacies, along with Soffisof products we will bring our product lines for children, Trudi Baby Care and Trudi Baby Nature, the Novelty cleansers, the panty liners and feminine pads for the whole Laurella line and Clinians brand cosmetics.

For all those who would like to come visit us there, our location is pavilion 36, stand B51: we’ll see you there!