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ISO 50001 Certification:2011 for energy management — a choice for responsibility for S.I.L.C.

People who work in industry know that, periodically, every company has to obtain (or renew) some certifications.

Certifications are attestations which show that the company meets some objective parameters, which have been established beforehand at a national or international level.

For S.I.L.C., requesting certification represents much more than a simple formality, necessary as it may be to carry out production. In fact, our company has chosen to develop following the most advanced industrial models, so that we satisfy requirements amply or even prove to be a step ahead of the monitoring authority’s requirements.

In the “Company” section of our website you can find the numerous certificates which S.I.L.C. has earned over the years. Many of them are ISO, which comes from the Greek word for “equal”, and which was adopted by the international organization for standardization (International Organization for Standardization) to define the guidelines — universally accepted and recognised — which all companies must follow in order to obtain certification.

ISO certification has an issue date and an expiry date, precisely because it is not enough to satisfy the requirements one time, but periodic verification that the same standards are respected must be done or, when updates have intervened, the company needs to have put in place the necessary measures to satisfy them.

The most recent certification, when looked at chronologically, is the ISO 50001:2011. This certification attests to how much S.I.L.C. is doing in the area of energy management, needed to coordinate its own manufacturing.

With an eye toward containing energy consumption and responsible use of environmental resources — which are less and less plentiful –on our planet, ISO 50001:2011 requires that the company has provided for and realised containment of their energy costs.

To reach both of these objectives, S.I.L.C. decided some time ago to equip the organization with a system which uses electric energy which comes 100% from renewable sources.

As confirmation of this concern, and to give tangible witness to our commitment, we installed a system which measures the company’s energy composition in real time, making it possible for us to identify very quickly any inefficiencies and resolve them in a timely manner.

All these concerns are part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, which we invite you to read more about it in the website’s dedicated section.

Beyond necessary respect for formal compliance, reducing our energy footprint and our resource consumption as much as possible is a choice we make for responsible action with respect for future generations.