Our History

Silc - Storia - 1972 - Founding of S.I.L.C.

1972 - Founding of S.I.L.C.

S.I.L.C. SpA is born in 1972 as a producer of disposable absorbent products with the role of manufacturer for some of the most important companies in the sector, both at the Italian and the European level.

Silc - Storia - Early 1990s

Early 1990s

Up to the beginning of the 90s, S.I.L.C. takes care of manufacturing for third parties (at the Italian and European level), developing meaningful experience above all in the technical area (product design, development, and production). These skills allow the company to root its activity in a strategy of irreversible growth.

Silc - Storia - Mid-1990s


Mid-way in the 90s the company decides to equip itself for commercial activities, so as to go on the market autonomously. The Trade Division is born.

Silc - Storia - 1997


On a wave of growing development, two other key divisions are opened: the Export Division and the Institutional Division.

Silc - Storia - 2000


The current divisions for pharmacies and hospitals grow out of the Institutional Division, and the Nursing Division is born as a spin off of the Hospital Division.

Silc - Storia - 2001


Collaboration with Fissan Baby is born, thanks to an exclusive license, for the production and sales of products in the pharmacies sector.

Silc - Storia - 2003


S.I.L.C. broadens its product portfolio in the cosmetics area, in competition with the four original target groups: seniors (wipes, cleansers and creams), women (wipes and treatment and cleansing for face and body), babies (wipes, creams and cleansers) and pets (wipes and shampoos).

Silc - Storia - 2006


New cosmetics products for family hygiene are introduced.

Silc - Storia - 2007


The license agreement with Fissan Baby ends.

Silc - Storia - 2008


An agreement is reached for production and sales with Fresh & Clean Bimbi to go to 2009.

Silc - Storia - 2009


Collaboration with TRUDI begins, initially as a producer and then in the year 2012 it expands to include licensing.

Silc - Storia - 2014


Collaboration with Clinians Dermocosmetics begins.

Silc - Storia - 2015


The new line of diapers for babies, Assorbello UP, is born.

Silc - Storia - 2016


New lines of feminine absorbent products are born: Laurella UP and Laurella Cotone.

Silc - Storia - 2017


Significant technical product improvements are implemented for the products in the Soffisof brand, with a graphic restyling for the brand as well.

Silc - Storia - 2018


The E-Commerce Division is born through the portal, to satisfy the needs of clients who habitually make their purchases online. The digitalisation process is completed with the creation of the website, with the new site’s going live, reworking of the Trudi and Clinians sites and with constant presence on the major social media platforms (primarily Facebook and Instagram) and other channels on the web.