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Personal care is the protagonist at Arab Health 2018: S.I.L.C. is there to keep on growing

We find that participating in trade shows and sector events is an important opportunity for dialogue with the market and for growth.

For this reason, over the years, we have chosen to take part in various appointments at an international level, so that we can see how we measure up with the most up-to-date organizations, share our experiences and find ideas for how to do better and better.

The most recent of these appointments was Arab Health 2018, the big event for the medical sector in the MENA area (the acronym for Middle-East, North Africa).

The 43rd edition of this show was held in the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre from 29 January to 1 February last year.

Arab Health was visited by 100,000 people from more than 150 countries, and saw all the main players in the sector at an international level come together.

There were more than 4,000 exhibiting companies and we wanted to be among these, to dialogue with the major global specialists in personal care about the latest news for the sector, and about trends and innovations which can be the most useful for offering concrete benefits to people who need medical aids, whatever those needs may be.

Thanks to the activities of the Export Division and to especially prestigious opportunities for meeting together and talking, such as Arab Health, we continue to reinforce our presence in non-domestic markets, and in areas like North Africa and the Middle East in particular. The demand for personal hygiene aids and cosmetics starts to grow stronger and stronger there.