Corporate Social Responsability

Regional Regional

Every manufacturing company experiences a strong connection with their local area: of our more than 300 employees, the majority live in range of just a few kilometres from our facility in Trescore Cremasco, and our presence in this region for more than 40 years has led us to create significant ties which we think are a heritage worth enhancing.

Our attention aimed at reducing our ecological footprint translates into many efforts for minimising the impact our company has all around us. For example, to reduce the traffic coming and going out of the plant during shift changes, we incentivised the formation of car sharing which helps to reduce the number of vehicles on the road.

Furthermore, to improve the visual impact on those who find themselves travelling by our plant, we installed numerous parking lots on the internal side of it.

We opened a company-based sales point which is open to the public to make it possible to purchase our products at particularly advantageous prices; this is a valuable resource which is available to anyone living in our local area, or anyone passing through.

The Impronta Project

Special attention is paid to the next generations. In fact, many years ago we launched the “Impronta” project, which has enjoyed excellent feedback. It is characterised by educational and social occasions in schools and in the plant itself, which are aimed at making the children familiar with the topic of eco-sustainable manufacturing.

Beyond the educational activities in schools and field trips to our plant, the “Impronta” project also includes a graphics contest which gets school students in the region involved in the topic of eco-sustainable manufacturing.

The “Colloqui di lavoro al Pacioli” Project (Job Interviews at Pacioli)

The transition from school to the work world is always very delicate, and efforts to make it as simple as possible never seem to be enough. Together with regional schools we have worked on various projects including “Colloqui di lavoro al Pacioli” (Job Interviews at Pacioli). During its events, representatives from our human resources department have simulated job interviews with students, helping them to understand where they need to pay the most attention, and in this way providing them with valuable experience.