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Welcome to our new site — let’s explore it together!

Attention for innovation is one of the distinctive traits of our company. Each day we engage in projects and activities which lead us to improve our production, reduce our environmental impact, find effective solutions for many of the problems related to people’s hygiene; in this way we have a real impact on their wellbeing.

Our new Internet presence comes right out of this desire to improve continuously, in a process which has been defined in Japan as Kaizen philosophy.

Our significant restyling has to do with the look, the structure and the information we offer. We have worked for a long time, with the dedication and attention we put into all our activities on a daily basis, so we can offer a website which is up with the times.

We have thus published a website which, in technical jargon, is defined as “responsive”, which means that it is totally and easily accessible even in mobile mode, with smartphones and tablets. It is an essential characteristic these days.

To stay in line with the past, our website is in two languages — Italian, and in the near future English too — to meet the needs of the numerous international markets where we have been active for years and where we will work to grow even more.

In the new we have aimed to make getting a look at our brands more immediate, as well as connecting back to our products, having updated and enriched the presentation sheets for each one of them so as to make all the necessary information available all the time.

A significant effort was made to collect all the information necessary and update the section dedicated to the numerous certifications we have obtained over the years and which we renew continuously. This is not merely fulfilling formal requirements various certification entities make, but — to cite the Kaizen philosophy once more — each certification is an opportunity to improve the company from many points of view: from the choice of raw materials to the stipulations regarding workplace safety.

These are just some of the aspects of social responsibility we feel we have and we want to continue to cultivate, regarding the environment, the region we live in and the people.

In our new site we have, therefore, dedicated more space to “Corporate Social Responsibility”: we will continue to report on events where we will be engaged as partners, but we want to highlight all the initiatives taken in favour of the environment and society as testimony of the care we dedicate to these aspects.

What’s more, we have given new visibility to the section “work with us”, where you can find out what positions are open and send your application to become part of a team of people working every day in our company.

Our new Internet presence comes out of a desire to witness to the commitment S.I.L.C. has to improve continuously the service it offers to the market, both from the point of view of product quality and of the experience with the products.

These are, as summarised so well by the words of sales manager Antonio Ogliari, the guidelines we have tried to follow in creating our new site, where you can get to know and learn more in detail about the activities of our five divisions: trade, hospital, pharmacy, nursing and export.

The newborn Ecommerce Division joins in, and it will soon begin operating with the project, E-commerce dedicated to Soffisof® brand products which aim to offer a discrete shopping experience which will be easy and safe.